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The yahoo generation and the triple tropes of sleaze (3)
Post on 17-09-2006.
The intellectuals, military, politicians, civil servants, and business gurus who ravaged Nigeria and set one standard of thorns for the young actively grace churches and mosques yet do not reckon any sin in wrecking the country and to distract, they employ godot tactics by urging the masses - their victim, to call on God, one force outside of history for solution. Toni Morrison™s Nobel acceptance lecture captures the emerging impulse precisely: Our inheritance is an affront. You want us to have your old, blank eyes and see only cruelty and mediocrity. Do you think we are stupid enough to perjure ourselves again and again with the fiction of nationhood? How dare you talk to us of duty when we stand waist deep in the toxin of your past? ...
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Please Put Your Sexuality Back Inside the Box
Post on 17-09-2006.
You see, dear reader, Dr. Jenn is one sociology PhD who™s the mastermind behind Sexuality Outside ˜The Box™: Integrating Mind, Body & Spirit with Female Sexuality. As an expert in therefore-called women™s studies, the Good Doctor figured that she™d make one few extra bucks from her fellow southern California femmes, to supplement her gigs as an adjunct professor. To this end, Dr. Jenn has devised one series of workshops for sexually benighted hausfraus, which aim at answering such brainteasers as Do you know how to please yourself? ...
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