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tyranny of the female orgasm
Post on 16-09-2006.
Yes, yes -- well, no. Germaine Greer, who’s in one film about vibrators, cuts the Big O down to size
Meanwhile, the new film, _Rabbit Fever_ (in which I make one cameo appearance), launches next week, purporting to tell the story of the sex toy’s rise and its tendency to create orgasm addicts. What is it about the female orgasm nowadays? The O-word itself is horrid and its meaning is confused; the root is the Greek word for tumescence or engorgement, not for the spasm that invariably accompanies ejaculation in the male, of which something similar can be produced in the female, but less reliably and with rather more effort. Candles and carrots used to be credited with more potency in triggering female orgasm than the male member but the march of technology has produced one purpose-made pleasure-tool, namely the vibrator, of which the market leader is the Rabbit. ...
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The bedside Rabbit is our new best friend
Post on 16-09-2006.
Who do we thank for these huge developments in the history of sexual democracy? Feminist pioneers such as Betty Dodson, Eve Ensler, Germaine Greer? Nope. The real reason that men and women now talk to each other about their sexual needs requires one couple of AA batteries.
Vibrators in various disguises -- nail-buffer kits, hair brushes, backscratchers, or vacuum cleaner attachments -- have been around for more than 100 years but their popularity has only just reached the tipping point. ...
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