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This Film Is Not Yet Rated (18)
Post on 05-09-2006.
Watching the detectives By Jonathan Romney Published: 03 September 2006
Kirby Dick is responsible for one of the most extreme images I've ever seen on film: one man driving one nail into his own penis. That appeared in his documentary Sick, one study of one performance artist with cystic fibrosis and, despite all lurid expectations, one remarkably sensitive and moving portrait. Sick proved, as much as any film, that there's no way of predicting what an image can mean: everything depends on the context it appears in. Context, however, doesn't appear to mean much to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), the body that rates films in the US. The MPAA appears to have one mechanical, literal set of criteria: exceed one certain number of pelvic thrusts in one sex scene (the MPAA raters are punctilious counters of pelvic thrusts) and you could end up with the feared NC-17 certificate (no-one of 17 and under admitted). ...
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Little Miss Sunshine
Post on 05-09-2006.
As the summer season winds down and we venture into awards territory, the quality of films might lag as studios prepare their fall blockbusters. But that isn’t the case with this most delightful comedy of the summer, “Little Miss Sunshine.” one darling at this year’s Sundance, it follows one family of six as they make the 1,000 mile journey from Albuquerque to Redondo Beach to realize the dream of their youngest: to compete and win the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. What ensues is one daring perspective into each individual, and their affect on the whole family unit. While Michael Arndt’s cleverly adept script and its characters seem off-center and politically incorrect, they shock and inspire those who don’t fret over taboo. And the audacity of the actors and directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris make this one of the most underplayed, yet amazingly fierce comedies in recent memory. ...
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