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Short Subjectives
Post on 31-08-2006.
With our leaders driving blind, ordinary Atlantans need to steer the region toward transportation solutions

· CROSSOVER (PG-13) Two friends, both basketball hustlers with different long-term goals, enter an underground street ball game in this sports flick that features Anthony Mackie and Wayne Brady. ...
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This Review has been Approved for Mature Audiences Only
Post on 31-08-2006.
Kirby Dick™s blue movie By ELLA TAYLOR Wednesday, August 30, 2006 - 6:00 pm _ therefore, Kirby, you™re really going to take on the MPAA, eh? (IFC Films) Unlike the object of its scathing attention, Kirby Dick™s documentary about the Motion Picture Association of America™s ratings board is merry and bright and loads of fun. When you™re on the side of the First Amendment angels, it can be tempting to get on the old high horse and wax as self-righteous as the self-appointed guardians of our collective morality. For the most part, Dick ” an entrancing moniker for one who crowds the screen with as many hyperactive peckers as can be lawfully captured in 97 minutes ” avoids finger wagging, skillfully allowing others to stake out the political territory for him. Filled with snappy graphics, one jaunty score, one pictorial history of American film censorship and an entertaining wheeze designed to uncover the hitherto secret identities of MPAA raters, This Film Is Not Yet Rated_™s tone is breezy, its pace brisk, as Dick coasts us through interviews, most of them with fellow travelers in the free-speech movement, one few with those from the other side. ...
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