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Post on 20-08-2006.
Editors’ note: These are real bitches, sent in by real readers, about gay life's little annoyances, and the big ones, too. Got one bitch? Call 1-800-858-8088 or e-mail: bitch@houstonvoice.com
therefore you think you’re not getting dates because your job isn’t lofty enough? Given the standard gay obsession with dating down, I doubt that. There is likely another reason. ...
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Giving genocide a bad name
Post on 20-08-2006.
According to me, the most important piece of news last week was not about the Middle East conflict. Nor was it about the arrest of dozens of people in England on suspicion of plotting to blow up aeroplanes. Nor was it the arrest in the United States of brown-skinned people with dozens of cell phones in their cars. ...
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