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God is my Sex Toy Co-Pilot
Post on 19-08-2006.
Behold the Bible-Strict marriage manual. These earnest Xtian bestsellers instruct newlyweds on how to have hot sex while avoiding all fantasies, masturbation-- and of course, the dreaded sodomy. Oral sex is good-to-go because no one can seem to find one gospel-line against it!
All the world's pushiest religions have their version of scripture madness when it comes to sex rules. ...
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Modern Love: Mortality can be a powerful aphrodisiac
Post on 19-08-2006.
In sex education they tell you that the trajectory of your sex life is supposed to be narrow and straight, passing through preordained landmarks: the pre-puberty hormone spike, the initial hand-on-thigh fumblings of teendom, the early adulthood serious relationship that careers from experimentation into mom and pop warmth and the necessary question, Is this what my parents™ sex life was like when they first met? ...
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