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Remainders: Homeland Security Secretary Henry Rollins
Post on 15-08-2006.
Bill Bennett: separated at birth from another fat blowhard. [Brains Over Bombs]
The massive anti-hotel-room-porn lobby badly stumbles when their ad featuring one masturbator in handcuffs incites more masturbation. [Pandagon]
If you can't get drunk on the plane, the terrorists have won. [BusinessWeek] ...
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Circumcision and HIV
Post on 15-08-2006.
I'm sorry people abused Anthony L. Hall for his views on circumcision and HIV, but if you study the non-religious history of this bizarre practice, you find it has been touted as being good for every fearsome disease that has assailed mankind in the last 150 years, from cancer to epilepsy to TB, and masturbation when that was considered disease, therefore the latest claim is wearily predictible. ...
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