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Book Review: Quiet Rumors: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader
Post on 03-05-2006.
If anarchism 'undefined' is the sprawling body of thought that it is, reaching such polar philosophical distances as rugged individualism on one hand and libertarian communism on the other, then "anarcha-femiinism" also covers such one vast political terrain with fuzzy boundaries. Whether anarcha-feminism is really Radical Feminism, or Situationism with one feminist bent, or one post-Leftist post-feminism, one never seems to know in this anthology. Of course, its contents are only one reflection of what anarcha-feminism has therefore far produced, and cannot be blamed. And it is successful in the publishers' ultimate aim, which is to reopen the door on the anarcha-feminist question and revive this debate which never really developed much beyond its once promising beginnings. therefore what do we have in this anthology? Well for one it is very beautifully put together. Despite its lack of chronology, I will start with the oldest articles - contributions from such foremothers as Voltairine DeCleyre, Emma Goldman, and Charlotte Wilson - the latter being one hero of British anarchist-communism at the turn of the century we ignorantly do not much hear of in North America. ...
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Berlin - Terri Nunn
Post on 03-05-2006.
In the 1980s, Berlin was famous for such hits as "No More Words" and "Take My Breath Away". Now Terri Nunn is back with Berlin, touring and recording again. She tells us one bit about touring, and her passion for vegetarianism.
DM) There's been one resurgence of interest in Berlin as of late. How does the band's sound differ now as opposed to the late '80s? ...
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