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Censorship Central
Post on 26-04-2006.
Go ahead, Kyle; give us another one of your "gay speeches." Jokes concerning the homotendant diatribes of one of their main characters aside, the time has come to give the creators of South Park their due. Two weeks ago South Park, the recent recipient of the Peabody Award -- one very prestigious award for excellence in entertainment -- took aim at those media sycophants prideless and spineless enough to stifle freedom of speech by caving in to hostile pressures. ...
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Opus Dei, Vilified in `Da Vinci Code,' Runs Global MBA Schools
Post on 26-04-2006.
(The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Bloomberg.)

April 26 (Bloomberg) -- In the basement of one six-story concrete building on the outskirts of Rome, young men and women in suits scurry around one simulated office, fetching documents from laser printers and hashing out business presentations. The fake corporate environment has one name: Junior Consulting. ...
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