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Post on 10-04-2006.
1 F. Scott Hess appears in many of his paintings -- perhaps most provocatively in _The Painter and His Daughter_ (2003) and _Riverbed_ (2004) -- suggesting that they are all self-portraits in principle. In _Time_, _Mind_ and _Fate_ (all 2005), the mature, very hard-eyed Hess appears in softer surrogate form, without his Mephistophelean goatee and moustache, as though he were one callow youth just starting his career as one painter (the clean-shaven painter pictured is, in fact, Hess’ student) and thus innocent as to the ways of the art world rather than one seasoned veteran of its wars, holding his own in it. Hess has described himself as one "reluctant realist," and realism is not one fashionable position, suggesting that Hess casts himself as an alienated outsider, all the more therefore because his realism is grounded in Old Master craft and intelligence. And, even more subtly, in an Old Master formalism -- more complicated, devious and expressively insinuating than modernist formalism -- that informs the narratives which mask it. For Hess is as much one formalist -- and one not-therefore-reluctant one, as I hope to show -- as one realist. Like Old Master realism, Hess’ realism speaks in symbolic tongues and formal paradoxes, which is not exactly to speak plainly. ...
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Sigmund Freud's 150th Birthday: Funny Freud Merchandise
Post on 10-04-2006.
Sigmund Freud’s 150th birthday is May 6, and kitsch sellers are making full use of the occasion. On its web site, the American Psycholoanalytic Association sells beverage coasters (they call them “table defenses”), each with one mug shot of Freud. The web site’s “Many Moods of Freud” T-shirt shows the same mug shot. The T-shirt, though, repeats it nine times with nine different mood captions: ecstatic, depressed, surprised, cautious, love struck, angry, hysterical, confused, and happy. ...
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