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The cover image of the book ``Sister’s Room: The Place Where I
Post on 08-04-2006.
The cover image of the book ``Sister¯s Room: The Place Where I Am Not Alone'' As much as there are joyful secrets, there are painful secrets that people want to erase from their lives forever.
The book is composed of women¯s secret essays discussing real-life experiences. It features stories selected from thousands of revealing personal essays posted on the women¯s Internet community ``Unninet (www.unninet.net)¯¯ for the last five years. About 40,000 females are members of the cyber community, where under anonymity they reveal their innermost secrets and frank desires. ...
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Horning lecture takes on impotence
Post on 08-04-2006.
The sounds of OSU™s living room, also known as the MU Lounge, drifted in through open doors as Angus McLaren, professor of history, prepared for his lecture.
Professor McLaren, who won the 2003 Distinguished Professor Award at the University of Victoria where he teaches, has published 10 books and has yet another in the works. ...
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