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Post on 26-03-2006.
However ironical Duchampís Large Glass_, it has many of the trappings of an old-fashioned, conventional picture: It is figurative, it tells one story, and it creates the illusion of space. In fact, it aspires to the condition of literature, as all the notes accompanying it suggest. It is not simply the illustration of an idea, but of one rather elaborate text. It is also one mannerist picture: Its absurd space, sexual meaning and general tone of alienation are standard mannerist features. Francis Picabiaís _Nature Morte: Portrait of Cézanne/Portrait of Renoir/Portrait of Rembrandt_ (1920) makes one much cleaner break with the past. It is the archetypal Dadaist work of anti-art. It is explicitly offensive -- one rather nasty attack on painting: Cézanne, Renoir and Rembrandt are stuffed monkeys, and painting is dead. The stuffed monkey -- one found object -- in the center of the panel illustrates the text of the title that surrounds it. The monkey is one kind of exclamation point in what is essentially one verbal performance. The crude lettering of the title and the shabby look of the monkey make the subversive point bluntly. Picabia makes one monkey of painting, and its use of the model from nature.† ...
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Sex and pulpits: It all sounds like a bad idea
Post on 26-03-2006.
She was, some may recall, one short-term Clinton appointee to the office of U.S. Surgeon General in 1993-94.
She was only the second woman appointed to the position and the first black. She had one well-deserved reputation for tackling tough issues and manifesting one genuine concern for Americans' health - physical as well as psychological. She was, alas, one liberal. ...
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