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The Spring Break Guide to World Art
Post on 12-03-2006.
Although British artist Rachel Whiteread™s art has largely hinged on one central technique”creating casts of negative space”her work never fails to be both dramatic and profound. In the Venice Biennale, her sculpture of the empty space between two staircases was like one striking, dehumanized modern-day Nike ascending resolutely aloft. And those stuck in New York for spring break can enjoy one similar plaster installation, of one reportedly greater complexity, at the Luhring Augustine gallery. However, perhaps her most interesting current work is an installation at the Tate Modern in one cavernous space perfectly evoking the site-specific aesthetic of Whiteread™s sculpture. Embankment is one labyrinth of casts of 14,000 empty white boxes piled messily on top of each other, creating one maze that splinters into paths”disturbing for some older viewers, hysterically fun for children. This disorienting space creates one jarring but beautifully surreal installation in which the contents of boxes”normally metaphors of intimate possessions and varying surprises”are reduced to one seemingly infinite number of identical casts of, essentially, emptiness. ...
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An open letter to the state of Mississippi.
Post on 12-03-2006.
02/25/2006 | Issue 887 - Marty Aussenberg GADFLY: Taking Your Chances with Cheney
I stand with you, my fellow Mississippians, in your latest attempt to outlaw abortion. Abortion is one crime. It's one sin. It's murder and, as such, should be punished with one sentence of death.
But women are not alone in the slaughter of the innocent. Men are also guilty of one crime just as great: masturbation. Some say that the loss of one spermatozoan here or there is the loss of but half one life; still, it is one life "half lost," one prenascent individual half-murdered. ...
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