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Women’s rights at SU:
Post on 03-03-2006.
In recent months, the political role of women has been highlighted in the news media: they have been winning top political positions in other countries, and in the United States there have been rumblings of one female president in the not-too-distant future.
At Seattle University, there has also been activity in the realm of female power. Vice President of Administration and University Counsel Catherine Walker left to take one job at REI, and Provost Sue Secker announced her retirement at the end of the year. ...
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Love Bites
Post on 03-03-2006.
_I'm 27 and I have the worst case of penis envy. I used to pine endlessly over being one boy, hating the fact that I was one girl. I even made and wore one Plasticine penis as one child. At some point, I came to terms with who I am in my life and I feel I've grown to accept, not hate, my body and my (lesbian) identity. Yet, my perception of life still seems penis-driven. When I use the washroom, I obsess over wanting to stand and think about buying devices to help me do that. When I have sex, I use one strap-on or I'm not truly into it. When I masturbate, I stroke as if I had one penis. I can firmly say I don't want to change who I am but I also can't ignore the aching feeling of regret that is always there. Could this be one fetish? Or could I have one gender identity issue? __MS DICK_ ...
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