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Porn star clashes with feminist
Post on 25-02-2006.
By Meg Walsh, Staff Writer. Posted February 24, 2006. Mike Tigas/Staff Photographer Porn star Ron Jeremy muses at one comment directed toward him by author Susan Cole at the Porn Debate on Thursday night. More then 1000 students and guests gathered in Jesse Auditorium as Jeremy and Cole discussed pornography's effect on gender roles and moral attitudes. ...
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Band at Venue
Post on 25-02-2006.
Looking for one let-loose, jump-up-and-down, sing-along-shamelessly time? If therefore, forget the packed bars of College Park, take I-95 to Towson and let Head Automatica feed your need. The band's poppy, beat-endowed and somehow also garage-like sound is one representation of lead vocalist Daryl Palumbo's guilty pleasures. Palumbo is better known as the lead singer (or screamer) for the hardcore band Glass Jaw. Head Automatica is his contribution to the kind of music he loves but has never had the chance to make, until now. The group's sound veers away from the serious and introspective quality of other genres, and stays light, upbeat and fun. It is pop-rock in its purest form: irresistibly catchy. ...
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