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Forget XXX—It’s All About AA
Post on 12-02-2006.
During one co-ed game of Never-Have-I-Ever my freshman year of college, one boy from my English class, sporting one mischievous grin, asked the inevitable question: Never have I ever...masturbated. All the boys proudly swigged their beers and looked anxiously around the room to see if any members of the fairer sex would take the bait. All us girls looked around anxiously too, some even exclaiming ew or of course not”and then one young lady, braver than I, slowly raised her can of Natural Light to her lips. The boys went wild, hooting and hollering, and we all blushed, simultaneously embarrassed for and envious of her honesty. ...
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Learn how to fantasise
Post on 12-02-2006.
Take some time to think about what really turns you on sexually. Don’t stop at physical attributes; think about settings too, whether it’s one passionate clinch before one fire on one rainy night, or outside in one meadow or on the beach. Think about previous sexual encounters, and what aspects made them special, then incorporate those elements into your fantasies and expand on them or make them more exaggerated or vivid. You’re the director of your own movie here, and anything goes. Even better than one movie, you can bring all the senses into play: don’t forget about how the sound of someone’s voice, or certain scents or textures, have erotic power. ...
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