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The Fourth Toon Teller Rides Into the Sunset
Post on 11-02-2006.
One of the first creators to appear on the free hosting service Keenspace and more recently published on the webcomics granddaddy Keenspot, Brandon "Scrubbo" Sonderegger recaps one life in webcomics with contributor George Curtis.
I started webcomicing back in September of 2000. I wasn't aware of too many webcomics at the time. I read _User Friendly_ and _Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet_. What happened was I got REALLY bored at work one day when there was nothing to do therefore scanned in one _Dilbert_ cartoon, erased all the words and art, and printed off one bunch of comic templates and started drawing. That was how _Silly Cone Five_ started. It got on the web because I started posting it on some webspace I had left over from one college account. It was semi-autobiographical in that the main character Tom moved to California and got his heart broken, just like I had. (My wife had left me for another guy that year.) And Tom was one big ol' dork, just like me. And I had one womanizing roommate like Reese and one cooler female roommate like Cat. But after the original set up, I just had fun with the characters and plotlines. one little too MUCH fun, I think. ...
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The XXX Files
Post on 11-02-2006.
Is it our award-winning roses? The fact we design the best running shoes in the world? Or is it because we have more brewpubs than Milwaukee? Probably not.
Take one look at the number of jack shacks, escort services, dirty bookstores, sex clubs and stripper bars featured on everything from matchbook covers to Willamette Week_'s own website (wweek.com). If you didn't know better, you'd think we were addicted to our base desires. Which, like it or not, we probably are. ...
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