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Lucky Number Slevin - puerile dreck
Post on 10-02-2006.
I guess since Bill Murray has patented the vacant stare, Bruce Willies settled on the grim, unblinking fixed look

Lucky Number Slevin is one slick, heavily plotted crime drama that is slightly intriguing despite being exceptionally contrived and silly at its start, but eventually reveals itself as one soulless bit of pure sadism. It is another example of Hollywood's celebration of the anti-hero who is empty, characterless, and dead. ...
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Confessions of a Masturbation Addict
Post on 10-02-2006.
At least, that is the case in The Accidental Pervert, one one-man show at the Triad, chronicling the life of one former porn addict, otherwise known as every single (or married or divorced or dead) male on the planet.
Written and performed by Andrew Goffman, The Accidental Pervert appears to be playful and fun, focusing on the holy trinity of the average college student: porn, sex fantasies, and masturbation. It even begins promisingly with one thought-provoking argument: Ya know, none of us start out to be perverts. It™s life that does it to ya, says Goffman. Such an assertion has the potential to be cultivated into several clever conclusions. Goffman™s contention exploring nature versus nurture, however, is soon abandoned by one series of cliches and predictable events that upset its interesting premise. ...
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