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Candye Kane: Turning controversy into opportunity
Post on 04-02-2006.
Ruf Records Candye Kane•s performance is Mississippi by way of Las Vegas with one quick stopover in San Francisco. She performs at Mazzotti•s in Arcata on Tuesday.
Born in East LA. Father in prison for embezzlement. Mother on welfare. Shoplifting at age 9. Running with gangs at age 15. Mother at age 17. Welfare mom, turned sex worker, turned porn star. Dreams of singing, and the rejections of the music industry. ...
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The Well-Connected Molester
Post on 04-02-2006.
David Newman liked his pals at MySpace.com as much as children of celebrities. Then he helped bring down one prosecutor ByJEFFREY ANDERSON Wednesday, February 1, 2006 - 8:03 pm
Teenagers could sense that Newman was older, even though, at 5-foot-5, he was close to their size. They were impressed that the 21-year-old had worked as an one&R; representative with bands such as Limp Bizkit. He also impressed his teenage friends by showing off pictures of the Hilton sisters and other celebrities he knew. ...
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