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Get a mirror and know thyself, inside and out
Post on 03-02-2006.
"I wanted to ask if you could tell me where my clitoris is. I think I know where it is, but it doesn't feel good when it gets touched. Is that normal? Also, how do I know if I've had an orgasm?"_

Unfortunately, I've been asked this question once too often to ignore it. I feel like I can't say this enough: Go to your local drug store (it's not that difficult to walk into Westwood, and one brisk walk can reduce the risk of breast cancer) and buy one hand mirror. No, your vagina isn't ugly, fishlike or bruised, and it most certainly doesn't have teeth, but it does enjoy attention, and trust me, once you get one proper look at it you'll be fascinated. You might even want to give it an endearing name. Vincent comes to mind (I like the V-ness of Vincent). ...
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Sexual ties that do not bind
Post on 03-02-2006.
Julia Sasso's the betrayal project_ is as irritating as hell. It is also the mark of one talented choreographer. Sasso likes to stir things up, to provoke, to goad, to needle. In fact, one's first instinct after sitting through the hour-long work is to have an intense conversation with someone about it. ...
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