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Teen Masturbation

Teen Masturbation and its Advantages

The masturbation activity, unfortunately, remains taboo-like for many out there nowadays. The practice is a form of self-knowledge and an important way to get safe for sex. By masturbating, people can show to the partner the correct way of stimulation to reach an orgasm and the parts of their bodies that, when touched, gives them pleasure most. For the teen masturbation is as common as natural, being it often the first sexual activity of teenagers by and large. Those who masturbate during adolescence can reach out more satisfactory sex-ridden moments later than those unlikely to put an effort to keep’n touch with their own body features.

Through masturbation, teens can learn different ways of stimulation. In the case of boys, they can discover how to control the ejaculatory process and train to wear condoms, what has two advantages. The first one is that, using a condom during masturbation, the boy needn’t be worrying about messing up the room when spurting, because all the sperm will be kept within it. The second advantage is that the boy will be familiarized with the condom and won’t be anxious when wearing it for a future sexual intercourse.

For girls, the masturbation can show that they will need clitoral stimulation in their next sexual relations. Just a few women can have orgasms through vaginal penetration, and what pleases them is the clitoris. By touching the clitoris in different ways and speeds, a girl will be ready to show the partner how he can do it for her and, then, they can think in a sexual position that allows the clitoral stimulation during penetration. The practice of masturbation, for both sexual genders, is healthy and the science proved that there are only advantages for those into it.

Society, however, still believe in ancient beliefs about how harmful masturbation could be. Then, a common reaction, for many people, is to react by punishing anyone caught masturbating. The inhibition can bring out guilt-like feelings and this probably would affect their sexual lives. They can simply react by stopping masturbation altogether or so does it quickly, accelerating orgasm threshold that may result in premature ejaculation down the line. They got to understand, much as their parents, that teen masturbation is an important practice and it’s necessary for each and every individual’s sexual growth.

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