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Solo Masturbation

Solitary Masturbation During a Commitment

Many people, after concretize a relationship, donít accept that the partner keeps pornographic images at home or on the computer, or does other things that were practiced when he was single, like solitary masturbation. The great majority of women act like that, not tolerating or declining to accept these kinds of sexual behavior from their boyfriends. Some of them also come to the conclusion that it is treachery and happens because men arenít satisfied with the relation. Masturbation, however, is inoffensive, if not a vice.

Women have a tendency to consider the other girls in porn videos or magazines as opponents. The reactions can vary and be very different when the girlfriend discovers the erotic material or catch the boyfriend in solitary act of masturbation. Many of them get mad at it, and men never know exactly what to say, given the difficulty for them in bringing out the subject. Most of them agree that the best way to explain is by telling a story about a friend that explained to his girlfriend that such happens to being normal behavior.

Most men get aroused visually, while women stay excited with romantic words and caresses. This can be a reason for the major search for erotic contents on Internet by men. Their masturbation can range from a practice to alleviate tensions to a way to discover new ways to receive pleasure and, then, teach their girlfriends new stroke prone spots that would arouse them. With the images on Internet and erotic movies, men can appreciate new sex positions, realize their fantasies visually and get out the sexual routine.

Instead of controlling maleís masturbation and inclination to pornography, women should participate in these activities and be their boyfriendsí confidents. Masturbation without the partner isnít a sign of dissatisfaction. Women are the ones who really need to practice the solitary masturbation, to learn more about their bodies, but just a few of them do it. Before discussing with the boyfriend, women have to listen what they have to say and understand that itís a normal and healthy practice.