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Masturbation and Religion -> Masturbation Sin

Is masturbation a sin?

One of the most recurrent questions when it comes to the subject of religion and sexuality is about the religious views of masturbation. Practically every religion has a specific viewpoint and argumentation to state whether it’s a wrong practice or not. “Is masturbation a sin?” it’s a question that many people still ask in our such modern society, making it one of the most debated subjects in the church.

Is masturbation a sin?
Religious standpoint: The church consider masturbation a sin over a biblical passage that explains a sinful method by which Onan would practice birth control (from which the word onanism is derived) which would lead him to a death sentence. In addition, masturbation would be a form of idolatry and the church would considerate sinful to take sexual gratification with the use of impure thoughts or obscene mental image.

Is masturbation a sin?
Religious controversy: However, currently there are many scholars that affirm with a more accurate interpretation of the scriptures we would perceive that what Onan practiced was in fact withdrawal and not masturbation.

Is masturbation a sin?
Religious opposition: on the other hand, there are people who see the use of masturbation as an actual God-given way by which a man (particularly an adolescent) may relieve his body of the sexual tension that builds up naturally. With his mind not focusing only on sex, he’s able to concentrate in other things.

Is masturbation a sin?
Scientific statement: Although masturbation was regarded as unhealthy and wrong also by science in the past, today all researches and studies prove that it is not only a healthy and completely normal custom, but also an important part of the development of a sexual being. The only factor that may define masturbation as being negative to one person is her religious standpoint about the subject, since scientifically, there’s absolutely nothing wrong about it, although religious opinions should be respected and accepted the same way.

Masturbation Sin