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Masturbation Issues

Masturbation Issues

Seemingly men masturbate more than women. According to researches, 99.2% of men masturbate, while 87% of women masturbate. The women who rely on masturbatione do so less frequently than men. It is influenced especially by society, that affects both genders, and by anatomy – the masturbation means more opportune for males, due to their external sexual organs. The social issues on masturbation are related to the fact that, almost all cultures, one does it in hide and, often, it’s common to feel guilty after self-stimulation.

This occurs due to several factors. Many religions offload guilt-burden on followers by preaching masturbation as sinful and lewd practice of weak individuals, because its objective isn’t reproduction – the only justification for sex accepted by the Catholic Church, since the sexual activity gets performed by married couples only. Usually sexual education becomes uptight when it comes down to masturbation. They pass on messages saying that boys want to have sex all the time, while good girls should say no to sex.

The parent’s influences also trigger social issues regarding masturbation. When a child explores her body, a parent will say, for example, “It’s your knee” when touching her knee, and the same applies to other body parts. When the child touches her genitalia, however, many parents just push her hands away, and do it every time the child tries to touch her sexual organs again. If it so happens persistently, there would inculcate in the child’s mind that touching the genitals is lewd act as wrong as bound to reprisal, therefore guilt feelings after masturbation spark off when they grow up.

In spite of this kind of social pressure that affects males and females, men continue to masturbate more than women. The media encourages male masturbation, even more so since many movies feature masturbation-laden scenes while the female masturbation is commonly ignored – what renders it further taboo. That’s why it’s hard to find a woman that confesses she would masturbate – as compelled to lie and deny even if they done it. Scientists, however, proved that masturbation helps us all to get to know our bodies farther afield by setting up for sex rapport as healthy a practice as harmless.