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Masturbation Instructions

Ok, we all know there’s no perfect recipe to masturbate and that we don’t come with a manual (no pun intended) with masturbation instructions. But indeed, there are a few tips and suggestions that may be very helpful, either to know better our own bodies, to discover different sensations by reaching some little places we are not always aware of, or either to have fun by experimenting something different when playing alone with yourself. Masturbation instructions are also very helpful to show our partners different forms of stimulation they may use during mutual masturbation, so don’t be selfish and pass on your knowledge on masturbation instructions. Here goes a few tips that may feel amazing:

  1. One of the best masturbation instructions is to trace the alphabet with your index finger around your clitoris. The variety of movements may lead you to discover some little spots that you don’t reach with your regular stimulation.
  2. Vary your position! There are no rules for masturbation, which is the most important of all masturbation instructions. If you always masturbate lying on your back, try to stay on your belly. The movements feel different, and by moving your hips you may get a few extra sensations.
  3. Masturbation instructions may be very simple: try using a non dominant hand when masturbating. Some people report feeling a few like being masturbated by someone else.
  4. Don’t be shy and place a mirror in front of your vagina. Open your vaginal lips explore yourself, try to find sensations and spots you didn’t usually stimulate.


However the most important of all the several masturbation instructions we may give is to feel completely open to new experiences and not being shy of anything. Exploring your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and both you and your sexual partners will be pleased.