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Masturbation Articles


When it comes to female and male masturbation a few discrepancies must be taken into account. Given that men can easily masturbate making back and forward movements along the penis's length in that reaching orgasm. The female genitalia are a little bit more complex than that: there are two regions that can be aroused masturbating: the opening of the vagina and the clitoral area. By rubbing gently on the clitoris women can experience heightened sensations so- inserting fingers and sex toys, such as vibrators, they reach orgasm. It leads us to the fact that women are able to reach two different kind of orgasm: the vaginal and the clitoral one.

To stroke the clitoris is not detrimental to the woman; however, if she is a virgin, inserting anything inside her vagina can culminate on rupture of the hymen. This thin membrane is located in the opening of the vagina and it works as a protection and there are three more common types of it: Annular – in which the hymen forms a ring around the vaginal opening. Septate – in which the hymen has one or more bands extending across the opening. Cribriform – in which the hymen stretches completely across the vaginal opening, but is perforated with several holes. There are yet those who are born without any kind of vaginal membrane whatsoever. It would be correct to highlight that masturbation is not the only way women can rip their hymen. They can also loose it by using tampons as well. It means that any given penetrative action can make up for the penis' job.

In some places the hymen is the real prove that a woman still "pure" to be given to a man, however, as seen above, there are other factor capable to turn her into a "impure" being, as well. As a matter of fact, before taking on masturbation as a regular practice, it would be wise to measure its dos and don’ts, probing and poking inclusive. Currently on the western and not-so-creed societies such issue seemingly somewhat passé. The bottom line is to know your body above all and rid your mind off bias-ridden and other retrograde stances.

Virginity can be just a label, like many other existent on our lives, nowadays. Masturbation is a very important exercise to mature sexual desire and acknowledge bodily functions. It could be even called as "the first sexual activity", as it were when we discover sex.

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