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Masturbation and Religion

Masturbation and Catholic Religion

In spite of the “self love” act; the “lonely addiction” being normal, natural and harmless a practice, staunch stances are poised up against doctors, psychologists and otherwise scientific grounded research. One of such stronghold, lies indeed, in conservative fabrics in that families bring up their offspring according to dated and misconceived ideas; who, in turn, perceive masturbation as wrong a practice as dirty; an impure way of exploring the human body. Those who thrive in such conservative environment may never develop their sexuality as should be done.

To instances few, let’s take the catholic stance which preaches that every nature’s act practiced without aimed ending is a sin. That includes masturbation, because their doctrine explains that, according to God’s laws, people may engage in sex rapport solely to reproduce. Given that masturbation is all about pleasuring in self-inducement and no reward per se – as reproduction, it is, indeed, a sin. Otherwise, human beings have sexual needs, and that is as normal as see or breathe. Once people have thoughts, ideas and can rationally think, they are able to explore their bodies, and that, obviously result on a very good, relaxing, pleasurable thing: orgasm. When people get to taste such sensation becomes hard to forget. Religious people, in contrast, would gauge their lives according so-beliefs and creeds, and if their line of perception in life feels comfortable with this situation, there would be normal instead of unthinkable to live with neither sex nor masturbation. On which point replaced by other aspects as spiritualization and soul-leveling.

It wouldn’t be wrong to experiment what your body can provide you, as opposed to carry out the claim that it is wrong and impure. If Catholics think that this kind of thing would be important for their lives, they must keep open-minded to get along with their feelings and, if necessary, talk to the parson or something like that. The only thing not possible to live with is fits of pain, regret and shame. In fact, such hard feelings are sins that people can commit to themselves; to their minds and bodies. And that could have catastrophic results.

Masturbation Sin