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Masturbation Techniques -> Female Masturbation Techniques I

Masturbation Techniques and Tips for Females I

 For those eager to masturbate, but actually, donít know how to go about it. Or else, they couldnít get much sense out of their own peers; there goes some hints on the subject. Despite being straightforward, which could work for some but not for others, they still meaningful. Thus there might be one for each type of character.
 This kind of issue does not seem to grab the womenís attention, there could be established to begin with. Unlikely the men, who speak out loud about it, the women arenít so straightforward. Thatís because they too unveiled the benefits of masturbation a long time ago, erroneously, a woman who enjoys masturbation is held at low regards. And itíd take a lot longer for her to disclose or it may never happen.
 The first tip is the douche, a bathroom gear, which primarily is meant for washing but could become a womanís best tool. Itís very simple to use, just turn it on and take aim, letting the water reach the clitoris and vagina altogether. Itíd be as intense a feeling as pleasurable.
 The finger itself is largely used, be it to stroke the clitoris or to probe the vagina. Just run your fingers over it gently, bearing in mind that it must be swift, so as to prevent hurting yourself. Rather, if the nails are too long, the skin could get chaffed by the motion, so, the shortest they come the better they are.
 In terms of penetration, there can be a finger inserted with no further complications. Just be careful not to hurt inside. Plus, try and shovel two fingers at the same time, increasingly the pleasure manifold.
 A pillow placed between the thighs is another version thatís growing in popularity amongst the female public. Lying down, standing up or sitting down with a pillow placed between the legs a woman can stimulate herself properly.
 Not just a pillow but anything that exerts pressure on the area. The thrusts and sways of her hips is whatíd set them apart. She can do as pleased.
 Even the thighs can be employed in the game. Those girls whose legs are a bit thicker can achieve it by squeezing one leg against the other. On top of the advantage of being accessories free and keeping a low profile.
 It seems worthwhile for those girls who donít feel comfortable with the other techniques.
Anne Griza
Masturbation Techniques I Female Masturbation Techniques I
Female Masturbation Techniques II Male Masturbation Techniques with Dildos