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Post on: 06-05-2006

Hi everyone,
New to this site so I thought I'd post at least one message today.

I live in Idaho, USA; it's starting to get really warm outside, and I was wondering if anyone on here has ever had the opportunity to masturbate outdoors in a sunny, secluded location?

Let me know....I'm just curious.


Post on: 09-05-2006

nope never done it, id do it if there was a secluded place around here.... Llorando


Post on: 25-05-2006

I do here when it's warmer, secluded spots along the lakeshore, has always been a turn! Something about the sunshine and warm weather. I am a male.


Post on: 26-05-2006

I take my atv into the woods sometimes and ride to an open field where its sunny. I strip naked and have at it. What a