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Post on: 11-04-2006

As a woman, if I had to watch someone else masturbate that was not my partner," in the same room" I think I would prefer another woman. My reason is the comfort level. Am I the only one who feels that way. Would you prefer the same sex or opposite and why.


Post on: 14-04-2006

i think id prefer a women, but it would depend on a few factors


Post on: 14-10-2006

As a male, I think I would enjoy watching women more since it is arrousal for me and makes me want to masturbate even more
However, watching other males give me some pointers on techinques that I have not used (maybe)

Would like to find out about all things natural and mutual.  Want to know more about female masturbation and what is liked and not liked.


Post on: 12-12-2006

I would only watch a woman or a man and woman masturbating.  I do not find a man wanking to visually stimulating.  I already know what that looks like since I am a man.

Bob Collins

Post on: 04-01-2007

If I had to watch someone masturbate it would have to be female they seem to get more pleasure for longer and gave alook of pleasure on their faces compared to a male who seems to be just getting red in the face trying to ejeculate.  I have watched my sisters masturbate and its great but when I join them I am finished long before them.