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Male Masturbation Techniques with Dildos
Female Masturbation Techniques II
Female Masturbation Techniques I
Male Masturbation
Masturbation in Adolescence - Part 2
Masturbation in Adolescence - Part 1
Teen Masturbation Articles
Mutual Masturbation
Masturbation Life
Masturbation Techniques for Male and Female
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Masturbation Articles
Masturbation in Childhood
Healthful Masturbation
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Masturbation Issues
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Penis Curiosity Leads to Mutual Masturbation
Masturbation and Religion Articles
Solo Masturbation
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Male Masturbation and Technique Advice
anyone interested
Mastubate Party
Are there any females that like to be watched while they masturbate, or is it a private affair???
If I had to watch
How Often Do You Masterbate?
marriage an masturbation
i'm going right now
Masturbation is sex in the best way!!
How many females on this site?
Outdoors Masturbation
Why do girls masturbate less than boys?
Savage Love Web Extra
Already 'Halfway' gone
What's the point of bias intervention anyway?
Drawing out artist R. Crumb
"Socialism Is Love"- Hugo Chavez - 2007
Undercover officer offered various sex acts in exchange for money
‘Fame’ gets last-minute re-write job
Love, Lethem, Love
Movie review: ‘Reno 911: Miami’ criminally crass
For the uninitiated
Microthrills: True Stories from a Life of Small Highs
Lets Get Hurt
Reno an ill fit in Miami
Slippery slope when writers assume we're just like them
Sexual fantasies
The Politics of Male Circumcision in America
Five Serious Questions
Body Politik: Waking up to penetration
Named: 21 Catholic Colleges Still Performing Offensive Lesbian
Former medical technician sentenced to five more months
Advice Nerd
An uncommon cure for midterm stress
A Response to Underage Sex
Monologues bring vaginas, domestic abuse conversation to center stage
Self Help
What?!! This Column!??: Issue #46
Simple ten step quest for the holy grail
Play tries to make others aware of women's issues
The Hollywood Campaign
Reno 911!: Miami
Stand-up comedians leave standing room only in Rat
School pulls curtain on song in Fame production
A Garden of Earthly Delights
Marat/Sade: Cage Match
DVD Report
Due process? I think not.
'Crones' take the stage
The Wet Spots shoot for a good time at the High Noon... and score
Hidden in Plain Sight
The devil in young Adolf
Not your normal type of monologue
Driving Miss Lampanelli
Spend Valentine’s Day Loving Your Sexy Self
Phallic Phun
Peter Whitehead Was There
Colo. school system takes crucial step in sex ed
Penn & Teller - Bullshit - The Complete Fourth Season
Sexy top fives
Did you know?
Taking care of it myself
A 'Life Force' to reckon with
The path to abstinence
Breaking the culture of silence: Child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe
Syndicate this blog:
There’s more to sex awareness than the birds and the bees
TV on the Radio
Monica’s secret love
Hillary Finds Jesus (Jones)
SPCA wants Lolly's lolly
A cure for writer's block: emulating the greats
Climbing The (Demonic) Corporate Ladder The Castle in the Forest
Albums of the week
Crisis in teenage sex education
Help is at hand for youngsters, parents
An Interview With Freud Biographer Peter D. Kramer
'Spring' comes early for Jonathan Groff
Her mission: Kill the 'game'
Hey Now: It’s Garry Shandling’s Obsession
The Twist in the tale: Nduka Otiono speaks from Canada
'Reno 911: Miami'
"Gay Love Coach" Finishes What He Started:
When justice gets lost across the border
We say 'don't,' but they do
The Savage Animal 01.24.07: The Modern Female Rockers
Measure for Measure
LoveHoney.co.uk launches Tracey Cox sex toys range in time for red
Fiery former surgeon general to speak Monday in Denver
Human Rights Group Asks Attorney General To Intervene In Sexual
Theatrics on disc
Cannibal Campout
The Savage Animal 01.17.07: Rockstar Artists
My partner is actively engaging in webcam porn
Preventive detention warning for sex offender
Futile Vows of Celibacy
Thank you, Dr. Ruth
DIVA TALK: Chatting with Stephanie D'Abruzzo Plus Spring Awakening
John Piper's Remarkable Sermon
Morning File: The Great Automobile Name Game
Ofcom revokes licence of adult channel Look4Love
iPhone: Will It Really Rock Your World?
Musical `13,' Has Energy, Not Enough Sex: Los Angeles Theater
Comment: Sarah Carey: We need more sex, not detox
The Columbine High School Massacre Explained
The celebrity guide to detox: Pass out, check in, and dry out
Psychopathia Sexualis: Unrated Director's Cut
Taking federal matters into your own hands
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